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baluster Mold

Column molds

mold fluted column molds column
Dimensions: square base 19.25 inch x 19.25 inch - Height 29.57 inch - Diameter 11.81 inch

The mould to realize columns

The mould with column was conceived in four parts for an easier turning out. He will allow you to realize carrier columns in concrete of the height which you wish, as well as hollow columns in plaster to decorate your inside. The filling will be made by inverting the mould that is of the most narrow in the widest, positioned as on the photo above To realize the height of wished column, you will pour the first one 29.57 inch in height trançon. Aprés turning out re-fix the mould to approximately 2.36 inch and re-flow by top. It will be enough to renew the operation so as to obtain the wished height. You can position a tube in PVC of 7.87 inch to obtain a hollow in the middle of the column for inserer then iron with concrete ( 4 stalks) and re-pour then some concrete on all the length. It is important to oil (mineral Oil or of kitchen not to stain the white concrete) the inside of the mould as well as the tube there pvc which we shall remove before complete drying..

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