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baluster Mold

Molds pillar

Dimensions:19.68 x 12.79 x 12.79 inches

Concrete Pillar Molds concrete molds
Mould pilar Mold pillar

Assembly of two moulds with Pillar

The mould with pillar of angle will allow you to consolidate the balustrade, with a key of unequaled finishing. This mould is delivered in four parties which you will put together with pliers in angles, allowing you so to accomplish pillar of complete of 19.68 inches. Do not forget to coat the inside of the mould of vegetable oil or liquid soap. For economize some concrete, it is enough to top up a tube of diameter 5.90 inches, which they will withdraw before complete drying.It will be enough to fix the mould on an already dry chunk and to re-run by top to acquire a pillar 39.37 inches high. You have the possibility of accomplishing big pillars at the height which you want to fix your portal of entrance. With two moulds with pillar you will realize a complete pillar 39.37 inch in height in a single molding.

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